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At TRP, we aim to revolutionize the construction industry. Over the years, we have seen that most of the Projects take 20 to 30% longer to complete than scheduled specification, and very often exceed the budgets laid out for them at the very beginning.

The construction industry is the least digitalized. The reason for this is it being a common consensus that every project is unique and has a different set of challenges as compared to the previous ones.

The reason for this is flawed basics like:

The TRP Difference

At TRP, we aim to digitalize and revolutionize the construction industry. TRP (Transparent and Real-Time Project Management LLP) starves to provide the client a real time status of his/ her project. We understand that the initial planning process is the most important part of the project and it actually paves a smooth journey for the entire project if done accurately. We divide all our projects into various parts called circuits. This division is unique to every project and we take into account as to how the owner wants to view his project and schedules of completion for each area. We have extremely detailed Quality action plans and Work Method statements which aid us in checking the correct methodology of work and maintaining Quality on all fronts as per the highest standards.

Scope into Project Management

At the initial stage, we divide the project into various parts called circuits. This division happens in coord9nation with the client keeping in mind as to how he wants to see his project. This also helps us prioritize the areas that are required by the client first. This division of the project helps us in micro planning the entire process. For instance, a building can be divided on a floor basis or a factory can be divided on the basis of services or different parts of the production floor required to be handed over at different times.

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After the division of the project, we enter all aspects of the project along with the costing (as per order received) into our system. This helps us in tracking the ordering and arrival of the material at site. With this tool, we can also do a cost analysis of the project. This in turn helps us in reducing costs.

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Services We Offer:

We provide the following services:

Construction and Project Management: Planning, coordinating, execution and maintaining the entire project. We make sure that the contractors understand the requirement of the client and consultants and work accordingly.

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