Services We Offer

We provide the following services

1. Construction and Project Management: Planning, coordinating, execution and maintaining the entire project. We make sure that the contractors understand the requirement of the client and consultants and work accordingly.

2. Snag Management: We do regular audits at the project site and generate reports on our platform to submit the same to the contractors, consultants and clients. We do regular follow ups to ensure that the contractors have adhered to the standards and specifications as laid out in the tender documents. Regular audits reduce the commissioning and handing over time of every project; thereby reducing the costs and maintaining the quality of the project.

3. Schedule Management: We make the master schedule of the entire project based on the client’s requirement. We know the dates they require various areas of their project. Keeping this on mind, we break down the project onto ordering, delivery, installation and testing; and commissioning of each item in every circuit to help us in planning. Our scheduling system is a state of the art dynamic schedule which gives us a real time status of what we planned against what we have achieved. It also gives us the list of delayed tasks so that the same can be addressed on priority and appropriate action taken. At TRP, we understand that the biggest reason in delay in project is due to lack of proper planning and inability to update and follow the schedule. We eliminate this by making a detailed schedule with dates attributed to every aspect of every circuit and by getting daily progress report so that any delays can be dealt with at various stages and are not accumulated in the end, thereby delaying the project. Our project managers update the site progress on the schedule on a daily basis and this information is shared with the with the client to keep them posted on the progress.

4. Safety Management: We employ our Safety Managers at site who ensure that safe working practices are followed at all times and generate safety reports for the client. Any accident at site can cause huge burden on the client. We make sure that all workers at site are fully compliant with Government Labour Laws as well as our safety policies. We at TRP imbibe a safety culture among workers.

5. Client interface: We provide the client with his own interface on our platform where he can get all information like schedules, delays, snag points, cost analysis at a click of a button.

6. VISUAL REPORTING / UPDATES : - For all our clients who require only visual updates of their projects and want to maintain a database of the project journey in form of stories, we can provide our visual reporting service. By opting this you can monitor and track all activities of the project visually. You can always see the updates on your PC /Android Mobile.

7. ENGINEERING AUDITS : - - We conduct audits of your existing installed Engineering Systems (Mechanical and Electrical) for example: Fire Fighting, Water treatment, Compressed air , LT , HT etc.

8. FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS : - We conduct feasibility analysis to assess and analyze all the implications of the proposed project with a focus on the potential impact, based upon which we decides if the project should be implemented or not

9. ENGINEERING SYSTEM’S PERFORMANCE RELATED AUDITS : - - We conduct performance related audits for independent examination of a program, function, operation or systems to evaluate its performance history with actual required performance..

It is not necessary that the client has to take all the services. Based on the project requirements, the packages can be selected based on the following combinations:

Coordination between client, consultant, architect and contractor.

Detailed scheduling and regular follow ups

Quality Management

Bill Verification

Safety Management

Cost / Risk Analysis

Digital footprint of the entire construction process

* The number of people assigned to every project depends on the package taken by the client.

Want To Reduce Construction Costs

How does a typical project works:

In this case, the client has already paid the architect/ consultant (core design team) to do all the design work. The contractors have to procure all equipment/ material as per the specification handed to them. The Project Management Company (PMC) gets paid to make sure that the correct specified material is bought and used. The Contractor charge a premium for all items in order to maintain a cash flow during the project. By the time, the project is over, the client ends up paying a huge premium, first to the design team to specify the material, then contractors to justify the cash flow and then the PMC to ensure that the correct material is supplied. We did not see any value add in the increase in the cost of any item just to feed different companies.

The TRP Way

In this case, we remove the contractor. Our trained site engineers take over the work of the contractors and site supervision; and hire only labour contractors to do the work. The management stays with TRP to do the coordination between all teams.

GAME CHANGER: All the material and equipment is purchased directly by the client. This is a major cost benefit for the end consumer. Using the design given to us, we break down the entire project in the Planning Stage with the list of all material/ equipment required. We use our best database to negotiate with suppliers and get our best rates for our clients. Once this is done, we issue the supplier a purchase order directly from the client using our interface so that the quality and cost control can be done. The client now does not have to pay a premium to anybody and can procure the material directly. Even, the negotiation is done by our team.

The work is done by labour contractors. We have a vast database of such contractors who work on installation basis with only the supply of ancillary material. All other material is procured directly by the client via TRP. These labour contractors are also issued the Work Orders directly by the client using our interface. All the work to negotiate best rates and issue orders is done by us. The client just gets the advantage of a drastic drop in construction costs.