Scope Into Project Management

Why Digital TRP

Over the years, we have seen that most of the Projects take 20 to 30% longer to complete than scheduled specification, and very often exceed the budgets laid out for them at the very beginning. The construction industry is the least digitalized. The reason for this is it is a common consensus that every project is unique and has a different set of challenges as compared to the previous ones. At TRP, we aim to digitalize and revolutionize the construction industry. TRP (Transparent and Real-Time Project Management) starves to provide the client with a real-time status of their projects.

How Do We Do It

As Project Management Consultant
As Project Auditing Consultant
  • We divide the project into various parts called circuits. This division happens in coordination with the client to how they want to see their project. This division of the project helps us in micro-planning the entire process. For instance, a building can be divided on a floor basis or a factory can be divided on the basis of services or different parts of the production floor required to be handed over at different times.
  • After the division of the project, we enter all aspects of the project along with the costing (as per order received) into our system. This helps us in tracking the ordering and arrival of the material at site. With this tool, we can also do a cost analysis of the project. This in turn helps us in reducing costs.
  • The next step is to make the master schedule of the entire project based on the client’s requirement. We know the dates they require various areas of their project. Keeping this on the mind, we break down the project onto ordering, delivery, installation and testing; and commissioning of each item in every circuit to help us in planning. Our scheduling system is a state of the art dynamic schedule which gives us a real-time status of what we planned against what we have achieved. It also gives us the list of delayed tasks so that the same can be addressed on priority and appropriate action is taken. At TRP, we understand that the biggest reason for the delay in the project is due to lack of proper planning and inability to update and follow the schedule. We eliminate this by making a detailed schedule with dates attributed to every aspect of every circuit and by getting daily progress report so that any delays can be dealt with at various stages and are not accumulated in the end, thereby delaying the project. Our project managers update the site progress on the schedule on a daily basis and this information is shared with the client to keep them posted on the progress.
  • Safety Management: We believe in providing a safe working environment at every project. We have qualified safety managers and a detailed QHSE Policy in place with a permit system to ensure this
  • One of the major causes for delay in a project is the miscommunication between the sub-contractors, site and office leading to delivery of material with the incorrect specifications delivered at the site. We make sure to enter all the correct specifications as per the design by the architect and consultant on day one so that the check mechanism for all material becomes smooth. This also aids us in bill verification
  • Audits and Snag Management: We have a feature called Instasite, where we have the option of uploading images of sites using a smart phone on a real time basis. This helps the audit team convey the snag points to the site team on a regular basis and the site team can immediately rectify these points and close the snag. The Auditor, office team and the site team can also chat on this platform. All mages are time; person and date stamped and help in creating a journey of the project; which helps us in improving future projects by learning from the mistakes made in the past. The most interesting feature of Instasite is that any image can only be uploaded if the circuit it is linked to is tagged. This helps the individual teams in spotting the exact location of the image no matter how big the project site is.
  • Cost analysis: At any time, we can see how much money has been spent on a project with a division of each category. This can help the client in managing his/ her costs in the upcoming months to ensure timely completion.
  • Quality Check: We at TRP believe that maintaining the quality of material and workmanship is of utmost importance. We have developed detailed work method statements and quality audit check lists for all works related to projects. All our auditors are trained and have a vast experience in the construction industry. However, we make sure that all our auditors follow the detailed check lists at their disposal while auditing any project so that the level of audit at every site remains the same. These audit reports are generated on our system and need to be closed by the contractors to get the approval.

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